Meet Katrina Roloson, Delarc’s Assistant Residential Program Director. Katrina has worked with The Arc of Delaware County for the past 11 years. Prior to working at Delarc, Katrina worked at The Joshua House in the residential setting then the day program. She worked there for about three years before transitioning to Delarc. Michelle Armstrong, who previously worked at Delarc, convinced Katrina to apply to Delarc. Katrina went through the interview process then was hired as a Life Coach 4.


Promoting in Delarc


After eight months working as a Life Coach 4, Katrina was then promoted to Life Coach 5. The Life Coach 4 position is a floating position within the classroom setting. A Life Coach 5 position includes taking self-advocates out in the community for varies activities. After a year or so, Katrina was then promoted to Life Coach 10, providing direct support and supervising DSP’s (Life Coach 1, 3, 4 and 5’s). Katrina transferred to the Residential Program during the COVID period, as the House Manager for Mount Pleasant.  After about two years in the House Manager position, Katrina promoted again to her current position of Assistant Residential Program Director.


“I love it. I can spend time in all the residential homes. I can also hop to day programs and work out of there, so I can see everyone. The job duties are a lot more, but just the fact that I get to interact with everyone makes it worth it.” -Katrina stated as she explained her current position as the Assistant Residential Program Director.


During each period of advancing, Katrina explained that she was supported by her fellow peers as well as the leadership. She was encouraged to advance and given tasks with guidance to help prepare her for each promotion. Katrina went through various phone calls and meetings to help prepare her for different situations that may arise. She appreciates the guidance from Katie Hodges, Robin Evanitsky, Joe Greene and Molly Little, as well as her fellow peers who also had a hand in her advancing to her current position.


“I have been able to build a career. Within the eleven years, I have gone up the career ladder four times. It’s great. There are so many opportunities.” Katrina stated.


One of her favorite memories while working at Delarc is the relationships she built with a particular resident. When Katrina explained to the resident that she was no longer going to be working at that house anymore, due to a promotion, the resident was a bit sad. Fast forward, the resident now attends the CLS Walton program. When Katrina stopped in at CLS Walton, she popped into the resident’s classroom. That’s when Katrina was greeted with an enthusiastic hug and greeting, “It’s you! I missed you!” It is those bonds that she had formed over the years that make her career even more meaningful.


“Everyone is so warm and inviting”- Katrina Roloson.


When asked what kind of advice Katrina would give to anyone looking for a career change, or a rewarding career, she stated,


“If it is someone that works here already, definitely talk to your supervisor, because there are so many opportunities. You can shadow people, you can meet with other supervisors in other departments and really get a feel for what each job is like. Someone interested in coming in, I think going through the CI and the three interviews, you get a really good feel if this is for you or not. Don’t be afraid to apply.”-Katrina Roloson.


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