Bobby Eckert is Living His Best Life!

Bobby started mowing lawns about 20 years ago. He stays busy all summer long mowing 15 lawns. He has been talking about the need for a new lawnmower for a couple of years and this summer he pulled it off! Bobby worked hard to save enough money to replace a lawnmower that needed to be […]

Day Habs Open With Limited Capacity

Small steps forward mean so much! Keeping people safe while providing quality of life opportunities takes on a whole new meaning in a Covid19 world!   While we were able to provide day services to people who are supported in our residential settings during the many months of sheltering in, the people we support that […]

Sheila Robinson, One of Our Heroes Without Capes!

  In our DSP highlight is Sheila Robinson. Sheila is one of our heroes without a cape. Before Covid19, Sheila worked as a Life Coach 5 (DSP) in our THRIVE day hab program, a Monday – Friday position.   Since the onset of Covid19 Sheila has been so flexible. She has been teaching one on […]

Inspired By the Past to Welcome the Future

A few weeks ago some of our staff began talking about a documentary they watched on Netflix called Crip Camp and how it impacted them in such positive ways. It was so inspiring that all staff have since watched it and are having small group discussions.  We are in the midst of those discussions now.   […]

A Sunny Day Celebration to Connect!

  On June 17 some of our amazing staff put together a special drive by parade so everyone could see familiar faces and connect if only for a moment. It was such a wonderful time! Many people wanted to drive through three or four times because it was so much fun to see everyone. People […]

Become a Member! It Matters a Lot!!

  Are you hesitant? When asked to be a supporting member of a non-profit agency, there are often many questions that come to mind. Often times, there is a hesitancy. We completely understand!    That’s exactly why we would like to clear a few things up. ♥ Do any of these questions resonate with you?  […]

Our Essential Workers, Heroes Without Capes!

Rachael came to us at the onset of the Covid pandemic. She was entering one of our day-hap programs as a Direct Support Professional, we call a Life Coach III. Covid19 happened and just like that, Rachael was showing us just how adaptive and flexible she could be. She rose to the occasion and both […]

Annual Member Meeting and Award Ceremony

  As you may well have surmised, our Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony has been canceled due to the pandemic, restrictions on gathering, and ultimately our top priority for everyone’s safety.   We will be sending information to our membership in the next couple of weeks that would have normally been shared at the meeting.   […]

We Need Your Membership Support!

From the beginning 53 years ago, The Arc of Delaware County recognized that a strong membership was necessary to successfully advocate for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In those early days, our members in partnership with all the members of The Arc of New York were truly a force to be reckoned […]

Stronger Together!

  Here we are another month into what will go down in history as the viral pandemic of the century. Thankful for our blessings, grieving with our sister chapters in the epi-center whose losses we can scarcely comprehend, we seek to see the bright spots in each and every day. We are stronger together!   […]