We are looking for people to join our team who share our values and are eager to learn.  Experience The Arc of Delaware County’s unique culture first hand. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, state of the art training, and opportunities for advancement all in a respectful and productive environment.

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If you have questions or difficulties with the online application, please reach out to our personnel office for assistance at 607-865-7126. 
Considering making Delaware County your home?  Visit to get familiar with our beautiful community here in the great western Catskills.
Applicants to, and employees of, this company are protected under Federal law from discrimination on several bases. For additional information, please click the link: eeopost.pdf

Hiring SEANs* goes hand-in-hand,
with serving our people the best that we can.

Choose the right staff to help on the way,
you’re much better off from the very first day.

It’s a matter of heart right from the start,
values and caring aren’t far apart

Working together forming the teams,
brings passion and caring for long term it seems.

 Written by Sharon Suess

*Smart, Eager to Learn, Ambitious, Nice