Employee Testimonials

“I have worked at The Arc of Delaware County for over 20 years. There are not too many places that you can feel like you really make a difference, and I have to say at the end of each day I truly feel blessed to have made a difference in someone’s life.” – Beverly Hodges, Assistant House Manager, Residential


“After 60 years, my life has just begun. Delarc gave new meaning to the words caring and commitment for me. You’re never too old to start fresh!” –Steve Finkel, Life Coach 7, Community Opportunities


“Embracing each person’s strength and celebrating all that makes that person unique makes unrestrained caring quite easy. Deeply caring is what sets our organization apart.” – Molly Little, CEO


“I’m so grateful I learned the key to great teaching: the stronger the relationship and the more the other person likes me, the quicker their behavior improves, which opens the door to accelerated learning.” – Sarah Mills, Life Coach 3, THRIVE


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