Employee Testimonials

“The best part of my job is the relationships I have made with everyone I work with, from the people we support to the colleagues I share an office with and even those I only get to see a few times a year at agency-wide meetings.  Working here has given me a second home and a second family. It has taught me confidence to branch out and try new things and push myself to be successful. It has shown me there are no boundaries to learning and living. No day is ordinary and every day is a  new adventure. Flexibility is an every minute “outfit” and I’m excited to get out of bed to come to work every day.” Jen Bartlett, Life Coach X.
“Every day I get to do what I love, cook, being social, helping and learning new skills while supporting someone to also learn new skills. I am surrounded by enthusiastic, caring people. Every day is a new adventure. Working for ‘Delarc’ has helped me build my patience and to take time learning new things. Everyone here is supportive. Teamwork is evident and seamless. I enjoy being here.” Tammy Mullineaux, Life Coach IV
“I never thought I would find a place to work where so many people care so much. After working in the corporate world for many years, it was a breath of fresh air to find ‘Delarc’. This is where I’ll be until time to retire. Thank you Delarc!!!” Cathy Morenus, Life Coach X
“This is a very rewarding job. The staff and the people we support are all amazing. I go home at the end of each day with a smile on my face from all the great things that happened during the day. Working for The Arc of Delaware County has opened my eyes to the things anyone can achieve with the right kind of support and encouragement. I never thought I would work at a place where all the staff was at work for the same goals.” Tiffany Davidson, Life Coach X
“What I love about my job is the teamwork and sense of humor among my colleagues. Flexibility comes so easily for my team. I also love making a difference in a person’s life. Working here has helped me raise my son and daughter to be the wonderful adults they are.” Terri Beers, Life Coach V
“The people we support makes me happy to be here every day. This job has helped me by changing my perspective on life. I look over on the positive side more than I ever did.”, Sarah Livingston, Life Coach III
“I love my job because my job loves me. Working here has changed my life. I have learned compassion, understanding others, and the value of building relationships. Here I can be my complete self and enjoy walking in the front door.”, Ashlee Gransbury, Life Coach I
“My career here is very rewarding. Seeing the teamwork and dedication is great! This job has changed my life by helping me feel valued. It’s very rewarding to see the difference I make with the people we support. I truly enjoy coming to work every day. All the positivity and appreciation and teamwork you see daily is amazing. I never thought I would find a job like that.”, Kaitlyn Bradley, Life Coach III
“My job gives my life purpose and meaning. The Arc has changed my life by helping me understand that there are really good people in this world. I feel like I am working with family.”, Jacob Papagiannakis, Life Coach I
“I love my job. It is very rewarding. It’s nice to see the people I support succeed at hitting their goals. Working at The Arc of Delaware County has made me a more patient and understanding person. It helps me see the light in each and every situation and really think before I react. I smile so much working here.”, Brenna Reed, Life Coach V
“I love my job because I love the people I support. The staff really cares about you and it’s nice to feel cared for at a job. I never thought I would ever find a career where I would be able to make a difference in so many peoples lives.”, Drew Hammond, Life Coach III
“Everybody has great energy and we get to help people live more full and fun lives which feels amazing at the end of the day. Working here has made a difference to my whole life by changing my overall attitude for the better and has allowed me to have the family life I’ve always wanted. I found a career where I can smile and have fun all day and get paid for it! Plus, I get the chance to enrich others lives for the better”, Jake Bugge, Life Coach III
“I love my job because it has helped me to learn. It has changed my life in this way and I continue to learn here.”, Bill McClenon, Part-Time Janitorial
“I love my job because I love helping others and I have built many relationships with the people we support. Working here has changed my life. It makes me feel better about myself knowing that I am making a difference for others in need. I never thought I would find a place to work where the staff becomes my family”, Heather Braley, LIfe Coach VII
“I love my career. It is fulfilling on a professional and personal level every day. I never thought I would find a place to work where I would feel like it is my second home”, Doe O’Connor, Executive Assistant to the CEO
“I get to help people fulfill the dreams they have and live a life as independent as possible. Working here has made such a change in my life by helping me become less shy.”, Chelsee Stafford, Residential DSP
“I love my job because I like working with people and truly enjoy the residents. Working for The Arc helped me as a parent with raising my children. Our positive behavior approach is effective at home. I love that no one day is ever the same as the next and each day is challenging in different ways. This keeps your mind busy working and keeps boredom from setting in”, Betty Brundege, Residential House Manager
“What I love about my job most is Relationships! Building truly caring relationships with great people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet if I didn’t work here!”, Carol Moore, Community Inclusion Direct Support Professional.
“My position here at The Arc of Delaware County has allowed me so much growth personally and professionally. I feel like I’ve found my passion to make beautiful things with beautiful people.” , Leah Schmidt, Art Studio Coordinator.
“I love my role as a DSP because I am able to help support people live the amazing lives they want to live!”, Makenzie Cuozzo, Community Inclusion Direct Support Professional.
“Working at Carousel is very rewarding and fulfilling.  I love the children as well as the entire staff at Carousel and DC4.”,  Lillian Moore,  Licensed Teacher Assistant, Carousel Children’s Services
“The people we support have become my friends!”,  Joan Dewing, Support Broker
“Getting to see people have so much fun as they learn new things and develop their skills, is just one of the reasons I love my job! An added bonus is the smiles, laughter, and knowing every day you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, including your own.” Angie Edwards, Life Coach 10, CLS-Walton
“Being able to wake up and look forward to going to work is the difference between a job and a career. Being a part of making someone’s dream come true is exhilarating! I absolutely LOVE what I do!”  Katrina MacDonald, Life Coach 5, Thrive
“Work is not work. It is a place where you show up, build relationships and walk away at the end of the day feeling like you have made a difference in someone’s life.”  Terri Beers, Live Coach 4 (Terri has since been promoted! You can see her most recent testimony above.)
“I wish I could fully express how much the Arc of Delaware County means to me and my family.
There are countless moments where I wish I could plug my brain in and be able to show people the dreams I’ve seen achieved! There’s no way I would be who I am without the Arc of Delaware County. Endless care is given and received. This organization and the people we support are truly a gift.” Jessica Baldi, Life Coach 5, Thrive
“We truly have the best job in the world. We get to make a difference in children’s lives and watch them learn to play, communicate, eat, and interact with their peers.” Emily Thomsen, M.S., CCC-SLP, NYS Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Carousel Children’s Services


“It doesn’t get much better than having meaningful relationships and making a positive difference in another person’s life. It’s fulfilling to have this opportunity in the work environment.” Wendy Miller, Life Coach 10


“I love that I work for a company that follows through with their mission! You can feel the care and love put into the support given and you can see the difference that you can make in people’s lives! It’s an inexplicable feeling of pride to help someone find, work towards and achieve with what they find fulfilling in life.” Shana Gascon, Life Coach 3


“DelArc is the happiest place on earth; a place with the best smiles, the best laughs, the best hugs and most certainly the best people!” – Kali Mullineaux, Receptionist


“It has been 25 years. I can hardly believe this.  Time just goes by so fast. During this time I have seen so many miracles happen to change people’s lives. I have also seen the staff blossom and their lives change for the better because of the influence of all these wonderful residents we work for. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity for people to grow and a blessing for me to be part of it. My job has become part of my life and the training I have received has helped to transform my life and my family’s lives. My love for this job has influenced my entire family and many have joined this field in other agencies.” Lynn Hoffman,  Residential DSP


“I am so lucky to be able to be a part of the DelArc family, helping someone live a fulfilling and happy life is such a wonderful thing to be able to do.” Samantha Rodriguez, Residential DSP


“My work is more than a job, it’s a passion.”  Katrina Cole, Life Coach 10


“I love my job and the people I work with.”  Katie Hodges, Life Coach 5


“I have worked at The Arc of Delaware County for over 20 years. There are not too many places that you can feel like you really make a difference, and I have to say at the end of each day I truly feel blessed to have made a difference in someone’s life.” – Beverly Hodges, Assistant House Manager, Residential


“After 60 years, my life has just begun. Delarc gave new meaning to the words caring and commitment for me. You’re never too old to start fresh!” –Steve Finkel, Life Coach 7, Community Opportunities


“Embracing each person’s strength and celebrating all that makes that person unique makes unrestrained caring quite easy. Deeply caring is what sets our organization apart.” – Molly Little, CEO


“I’m so grateful I learned the key to great teaching: the stronger the relationship and the more the other person likes me, the quicker their behavior improves, which opens the door to accelerated learning.” – Sarah Mills, Life Coach 3, THRIVE


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