The Sidney Senior Meal Site Receives the Father Eugene Willis Good Neighbor Award

  The Arc of Delaware County’s Annual Father Eugene Willis Good Neighbor Award was presented to Sidney Senior Meals. This award celebrates people who embody the spirit of being kind and neighborly.  The Good Neighbor also actively supports the involvement of people who have disabilities in their community. The Sidney Senior Meals site was selected […]

Delarc Connection Week, Covid Style!

Periodically through the year, we like to have some fun and build team spirit by having an agency-wide spirit week. This year we realized that building team spirit would just scratch the surface of what we needed to support one another through these very difficult times. We needed to connect. Connection is something deeper, something […]

2020 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners Dorothy and Marisa

  Dorothy Emery and Marisa Romano aren’t just long time housemates and friends, they are also both 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners! Each of them were chosen as 2020 award winners from the two different programs they attended.  Each spring, every program nominates people who have shown outstanding achievement over the past year and has been […]

Shannon is Chosen for LIFEPlan, CCO, NY Flyers

Shannon has been chosen by LifePlan, CCO NY to be featured in some of their flyers! Way to go Shannon and congratulations! Shannon lives his best life in his community as an artist, kind neighbor, and a great friend to many. Some of you may know him from assisting people to create collaborative Art at […]

Career Promotions for Katie and Carol

When you have a  mission deeply rooted in helping people create fulfilling lives, the show happily goes on in the midst of a global pandemic.  Katie Hodges and Carol Moore have absolutely shined!  Their knowledge, skill sets, abilities and talents have advanced their careers from Direct Support Professionals in our Residential Department to House Managers.  […]

The Workplace in 2020: How Employers Can Support Jobseekers With Disabilities

This is the second of a two-part series that The Arc@Work published this month to speak on the new and emerging challenges faced by workers with IDD and how employers, disability services agencies, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can work together on creating solutions that create inclusion and workplace equity.   In […]

The Workplace in 2020: Getting People With Disabilities Back To Work Safely During COVID-19

This year’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month arrives at a precarious time in our country’s history: we continue to face the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the direst economic recessions in recent memory. The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 200,000 deaths and infected more than 7 million people, while also creating […]

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

  We’ve been busy talking about and exercising our right to vote. Disability rights are human rights!!   Conversations are empowering. Virtual conversations are a hoot! We’ve been talking about how to get registered to vote and the great feeling that comes from having a voice. By sharing the voter registration PDF made available on […]

Our Mission is as Strong as Ever!

  We always cringe just a little bit when we get a random reach out that says, “We heard you are closing! We are worried about you!”  It happened when we chose to move a year earlier than required to replace sheltered workshops with something more community inclusive and focused on individual goals and desires […]