Our Mission is as Strong as Ever!

  We always cringe just a little bit when we get a random reach out that says, “We heard you are closing! We are worried about you!”  It happened when we chose to move a year earlier than required to replace sheltered workshops with something more community inclusive and focused on individual goals and desires […]

Welcome Gerry Quinn, Our New CFO

We are so happy to have Gerry Quinn join our team as our new CFO! Gerry comes to us with a BBA from Dowling College in Oakdale, NY, an MBA in Finance from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY,  and a JD from Touro Law School, in Central Islip, NY. He ​has a diverse background, working […]

Urgent Phone Rally! Thursday, September 24th!!

Friends, we need your support!   This is a lot of information and we hope you will take a moment to weed through it. Your support is critical right now!   As part of our overall advocacy campaign against cuts to I/DD supports and services, we will engage in an all-day “phone rally” on Thursday, […]

Bobby Eckert is Living His Best Life!

Bobby started mowing lawns about 20 years ago. He stays busy all summer long mowing 15 lawns. He has been talking about the need for a new lawnmower for a couple of years and this summer he pulled it off! Bobby worked hard to save enough money to replace a lawnmower that needed to be […]

Day Habs Open With Limited Capacity

Small steps forward mean so much! Keeping people safe while providing quality of life opportunities takes on a whole new meaning in a Covid19 world!   While we were able to provide day services to people who are supported in our residential settings during the many months of sheltering in, the people we support that […]

Sheila Robinson, One of Our Heroes Without Capes!

  In our DSP highlight is Sheila Robinson. Sheila is one of our heroes without a cape. Before Covid19, Sheila worked as a Life Coach 5 (DSP) in our THRIVE day hab program, a Monday – Friday position.   Since the onset of Covid19 Sheila has been so flexible. She has been teaching one on […]

The Census Must Go On: The Futures of People with Disabilities and Hard-to-Count Populations are at Stake

WASHINGTON – The Arc is distressed that the U.S. Census Bureau is cutting short efforts to count all persons living in the country for the 2020 Census. Ending the self-response phase and critical door-knocking efforts of the census one month early on September 30th risks severely undercounting already hard-to-count populations like people with disabilities, immigrants, […]

Planning Can’t Wait: Preparing for Life’s Emergencies

Thinking about your child’s future after you’re gone is hard for most parents. For the parents of people with disabilities, the topic can be so daunting that it can feel impossible to broach. The result? Families all over the country shelve this conversation as long as possible. But the COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark […]

ADA 30: Carrying on the Legacy

“I think we made great strides when it came to all the advocacy that went into the ADA. I do think if we didn’t do all of the advocacy for the ADA, we might not be where we are today in regards to people with disabilities.” – Joseph Damiano, Self-Advocate. Joseph Damiano of Belfast, New […]