Vantage Point

Vantage Point is an immersive one- to two-day experience that places service providers in the shoes of someone with a disability so the provider can experience first hand what it feels like to receive support in a proactive culture.


Vantage Point provides an immersive experience that aids in building understanding and awareness of what it’s like to live with a disability. Participants are introduced to the proactive philosophy and positive approach, and can begin implementing the principles immediately.


Two Vantage Point immersion experiences are available

Vantage Point – One Day

A one-day program that places participants in the shoes of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability through role-playing activities. This provides empathy and understanding, and also shows the impact of a proactive and positive culture. The program is designed for service providers at all levels, policy makers, and the general public.


Vantage Point – Two Day

This training consists of Vantage Point and a customized, half-day training that delves into topics of particular interest to participants. This program is designed for executive directors, chief executive officers and other decision makers at service organizations.


All new employees of The Arc of Delaware County experience Vantage Point on their very first day of employment.


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