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A Minute With Molly

  Spring is in the air, and excitement is everywhere at Delarc.   Many of our staff members and the people we support have received vaccines against COVID-19 and while we remain hyper-vigilant It is fun and refreshing to open life up a bit more.  People are creating art at Studio 190, the kiddos are […]

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2021

  In 1987 President Ronald Reagan declared March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM) calling on Americans to provide people with developmental disabilities “the encouragement and opportunities they need to lead productive lives and to achieve their full potential.” We know now that this means life side by side with everyone else, community inclusion, and having […]

Celebrating Sarah Noble

Sarah sat down for a few minutes to tell us a little bit about herself. She had many things she was very proud to share and wanted others to know a little about her life.   At the top of her list was her move into her own apartment on September 3 of 2020. She […]

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