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Inspired By the Past to Welcome the Future

A few weeks ago some of our staff began talking about a documentary they watched on Netflix called Crip Camp and how it impacted them in such positive ways. It was so inspiring that all staff have since watched it and are having small group discussions.  We are in the midst of those discussions now.   […]

A Sunny Day Celebration to Connect!

  On June 17 some of our amazing staff put together a special drive by parade so everyone could see familiar faces and connect if only for a moment. It was such a wonderful time! Many people wanted to drive through three or four times because it was so much fun to see everyone. People […]

Become a Member! It Matters a Lot!!

  Are you hesitant? When asked to be a supporting member of a non-profit agency, there are often many questions that come to mind. Often times, there is a hesitancy. We completely understand!    That’s exactly why we would like to clear a few things up. ♥ Do any of these questions resonate with you?  […]

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