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Bobby Eckert is Living His Best Life!

Bobby started mowing lawns about 20 years ago. He stays busy all summer long mowing 15 lawns. He has been talking about the need for a new lawnmower for a couple of years and this summer he pulled it off! Bobby worked hard to save enough money to replace a lawnmower that needed to be […]

Day Habs Open With Limited Capacity

Small steps forward mean so much! Keeping people safe while providing quality of life opportunities takes on a whole new meaning in a Covid19 world!   While we were able to provide day services to people who are supported in our residential settings during the many months of sheltering in, the people we support that […]

Sheila Robinson, One of Our Heroes Without Capes!

  In our DSP highlight is Sheila Robinson. Sheila is one of our heroes without a cape. Before Covid19, Sheila worked as a Life Coach 5 (DSP) in our THRIVE day hab program, a Monday – Friday position.   Since the onset of Covid19 Sheila has been so flexible. She has been teaching one on […]

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