DelArc is Different

Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities

The Arc of Delaware County is one of the country’s most progressive and unique organizations supporting children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For nearly five decades, we have been committed to a person centered, proactive philosophy and positive approach with a Board of Director’s policy prohibiting the use of aversive behavior techniques including physical restraints. From the way we care for the people we support to the way we treat our colleagues, everything we do is built on an atmosphere of caring without restraint.


In addition to the services we provide locally, The Arc of Delaware County is having a revolutionary impact on the field of human services. We provide Vantage Point and Immersion Services to organizations across the Country who are looking to adopt an effective and compassionate method to supporting the growth of individuals with disabilities and eliminate physical interventions, power struggles, and aversive techniques. If you would like to know more about Vantage Point or Immersion opportunities, please contact us.